Tuesday, 12 July 2016

CRM 2016 Can't track an email - missing prvReadConvertRule privilege

Recently we found an intermittant new issue with tracking email messages for some users.  When tracing with outlook we found the error 'missing prvReadConvertRule privilege'.  This didn't seem to directly translate to any role found configurable in CRM.

Using a bit of SQL I managed to find the roles that had that privilege set and then started to compare with the role I was hoping to use and found out that I needed to set organisational read for Record Creation and Update Rule under the Service Management tab.

If you are interested here is the query I used to find the roles with the correct privileges set.

SELECT r.Name FROM Role r WHERE EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM RolePrivileges rp JOIN Privilege p ON p.PrivilegeId = rp.PrivilegeId WHERE r.RoleId = rp.RoleId AND p.Name = 'prvReadConvertRule')

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